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to the website of the Baan and ERPLN User Group

The UK & Ireland User Group was established in 1998 as an independent, self-funding organisation.  All versions of Baan software from Baan IV to Infor LN, LN Cloud Edition, Cloudsuite Aerospace and Defence, Cloudsuite Automotive and Cloudsuite Industrial Machinery are encompassed within the group.

What's happening in 2018

Below is an outline guide of User Group events we propose to or have already organised for 2018.

More about Events

Events will cover a range of topics and will attract a wider audience with speakers from Infor, third party product providers and users themselves.  These meetings will be organised by the committee, but driven by demand from the members.  We would like to hear from members who would like any topics covered in this way. 

Please click here with your ideas for future events.


Latest news

Spring 2018 Conference
18th April 2018, Blythe Valley Park

Webinar:  Factory Track for LN
Tuesday 25th July - 2pm
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Spring 2017 Conference
22nd March 2017, Blythe Valley Park
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Autumn 2016 Conference - Postponed
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Spring 2016 Conference
18th May 2016, Blythe Valley Park
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Webinar:  Infor LN Document Management
9th March 2016, 12.30pm UK time
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Video:  The Cloud Opportunity
Join Infor SVP Cloud Strategy, Lisa Pope, as she discusses the cloud opportunity and outlines the pathway forward.
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Webinar:  Global ERP LN Migration at Bray International Inc
16th December 2015
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Baan LN Users - PLM SIG
8th December 2015
postponed - read more ....

Infor - Webinar Series on Enterprise Asset Management
17th November 2015 -
19th April 2016
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Baan LN Users - User Site Visit to Koso Kent Introl
8th October 2015
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Baan LN Users - Spring Conference
17th June 2015
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Baan LN Users - Upgrading Day
16th June 2015
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