2014 ION Day

Baan LN Users - ION Consultancy Day

12th March 2014

Our first event for 2014 was held at the Infor offices at Blythe Valley, Solihull, and was invaluable for those of you who have ION but need some guidance in how to use it to its full potential.  

Infor have invested significant amounts in developing the new Infor Architecture and Infor 10x  creating a new product strategy and providing powerful tools for customers to use in their businesses. Infor 10x as a strategy is built around three principle elements; the user experience, being specialised by industry and flexibly integrated using ION.

The day was designed to show you in detail how the Infor Architecture can be used to change the way your organisation operates and was shown in the 10x experience providing beautiful software.

Because of the large size of the presentation slides, they have been divided into three parts for download:

Part A

Part B

Part C

Infor Architecture Innovation @ Work White Paper

Message from Infor:

Many thanks for asking Infor to support your User Groups with an ION Consultancy day.

Please find additional links and places to find information relating to the day as you begin and extend your journey into Infor 10x and ION.




Infor websites have a lot of information available on ION. Please go and look at Infor Campus and Infor Extreme support; both have a lot of material that can be accessed

May we also mention that we have services capability to help you throughout your project and for the ION modules we can help to:

1.       Think more specifically about what benefits you could obtain through the deployment of this capability in your unique situation

2.       Prepare your technical environment for installation of the technology

3.       Get trained on how to use the technology and gain further business value

Please do not hesitate to reach out to Richard Salter (contact details) with any queries and we will get right back to you.

Contact details:

Richard Salter, Professional Services Account Manager

Email:  Richard.Salter@infor.com

Mobile: +44 7920 495 259