2017 Factory Track

Webinar:  Infor Factory Track for LN

Tuesday 25th July 2017 - 2pm 

This was the first of regular webinar sessions commissioned for the UK LN User Group.
We kicked-off with Senior Product Manager Navin Kulkami who reprised his USA User Group session from earlier this year on Infor Factory Track.
Previously known as ‘Bridgelogix’, ‘Infor barcode’ and more recently ‘Infor Warehouse Mobility’ – Infor Factory Track is the latest shop floor data capture solution for LN, or ‘Inventory and Production Automation solution’.  There have been some major changes since IWM, it’s been rebuilt top to bottom including the UI which is now browser based rather than Telnet.  Factory Track is also the first version to bring together warehouse automation and time and attendance (Time Track). 
This session was aimed at any Baan/LN user currently using one of the above previous versions, or who were considering Factory Track for LN.
The 30 minute presentation was followed by a Q&A session.

Event Charges

User Group Members – there was no charge to attend this event.

Non Members - Were invited to sample ‘try before you buy’ membership.


Recording is now available for members to download with their usual login details:

Factory Track