2019 Webinar

Education Webinar

Take control of Infor LN manufacturing modes and their new functionalities

Date:  Monday July 03, 2019

Time:  3 PM Europe GMT

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Join this complimentary Education webinar to learn about the different manufacturing modes that are available in Infor LN, when you would want to use them, and why.

Infor LN embeds three main manufacturing modes: Job Shop Control, Assembly Control, and Repetitive Manufacturing, the latter having been made available in Infor LN version 10.5. LN customers still using only Job Shop Control mode may be unnecessarily relying on customizations to meet business process requirements. During this webinar, Infor Business Development Analyst and LN product expert, Gianfranco Maggio will demonstrate how all three manufacturing modes (Repetitive Manufacturing, Assembly Control and Job Shop Control) work together and communicate with one another. Attendees will see how taking advantage of these newer modes can reduce reliance on customizations and implementation-specific personalizations, in turn providing leaner implementation of manufacturing business processes and accelerating realization of hyper-personalized product manufacturing.

If you are an enterprise architect, business analyst/consultant, or are in any way responsible for understanding, maintaining, and adapting LN for your organization, then this webinar is for you.

During the webinar Gianfranco will:

  • Provide a high-level overview of the three manufacturing modes—Repetitive Manufacturing, Assembly Control, and Job Shop Control

  • Discuss each of the modes in detail

  • Explain why and when to use each mode

  • Show you how to configure the modes in Infor LN

  • Demonstrate how the modes work together and communicate with one another


Gianfranco Maggio - Infor LN Development Business Analyst - Gianfranco is a business analyst specialized in Order Management and One-Piece Flow Manufacturing and focused on making process lean, simple, and future ready. He is passionate about Industry 4.0 and technologies that enable people to become active participants in the digital transformation journey. Gianfranco has been working with the Infor LN team for five years.

Alessandro Salvetti - Education Product Manager, Infor - Alessandro brings 17 years of experience with Infor Consulting Services, where he played different roles in both technical and application areas, demonstrating a passion for working alongside customers to transform their organizations to be more agile, experimental, and customer-centric. He has shown proficiency in leading experiments, designing innovative programs, and training proven to build customer confidence in embracing change. His new role within Infor Education is to establish the right strategy for delivering training to Infor customers, partners, and employees; his main objective is to develop top quality education programs.

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LN Migration Webinar

1000 good reasons for migrating to the latest versions of Infor LN

Date:  Thursday 28 February 2019

Time:  3:00 PM  |  Europe Time (Amsterdam)  |  1 hr

Meeting number (access code): 806 554 371

Meeting password: 1000GRLN

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Here are the main highlights about the latest generation of Infor LN

·       Single-instance, global ERP in the cloud or on-premises

·       Support for ETO, MTO, MTS, and repetitive manufacturing

·       Extensible tooling for personalization without customizing source code

·       Available in 21 languages

·       Locally compliant for 49 countries

·       Built-in business processes based on industry best practices

·       Complete assembly line control to accommodate last minute customer changes and complex products

·       Supply chain visibility from production, through shipment, service, warranty and refurbishing

These are a few of the 1000 good reasons you would want to move to the latest LN…not speaking of the technology gap you will find more and more challenging to live with staying on old versions.

Join the February 28th 2019 webinar run by one of Infor's LN experts and discover the 1000 good reasons not to delay anymore your move to the latest generation of Infor LN!

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