2010 Consultant Day

"informative, lively and interesting"

Infor Consultant Training Day on MRP/MPS, 18th June 2010

The Baan & ERPLN User Group held an Infor Consultant Training Day at Infor Ltd, Blythe Valley, Solihull on Friday 18th June.

The Programme contained the following items:

  • An introduction to MRP in Baan IV, the relationship with MPS (Master Production Scheduling), SIC (Statistical Inventory Control), PRP (Project Requirements Planning) and DRP (Distribution Requirements Planning), but all the focus is in the order listed.
  • A walk through the set up of Item data for each planning method and what the implications are.  Review screen content and the relevant fields that require setting, plus a look at the parameterisation and the interaction.
  • A short session on Setting up a system for testing the various planning engines and a guide through some of the pitfalls.  Such topics as Table Dumps for repeatability of testing to minimise data set up requirements and improve quality.
  • A walk through the interaction and dependencies between the planning engines.
  • Moving onto Baan V and LN we will cover the topic of Enterprise Planning as introduced with Baan V and developed in LN, and cover off the differences.
  • An open question and answer session.