What's happening in the world of Baan and LN

Spring 2018 Event

Wednesday 18th April - Blythe Valley Park

Registration is now open for our next event which will be held at the offices of Infor. This will be a great opportunity to welcome new users to the group and to network within the Baan LN community. Read more..


Webinars available

Complimentary Education Webinar ‘Infor OS in action’

On demand - 60 minutes

Presenters: Keith Knuth and Rick Carruth

In this webinar, Keith Knuth, Infor Product Director, will provide an end-to-end demonstration of the Infor Operating System (OS). He will explain how it relates to Infor Xi, and identify its core components. Each component of Infor OS will be examined including Collaboration, Artificial Intelligence, Integration platform and Development platform services.


User Interface development - Clear works within LN

On demand - 45 minutes

Presenter: Bram Vijfhuizen

Join us for an overview of the user experience options available for LN. You'll learn how role based home pages, work benches, and apps help increase the productivity of all users with the system.

Complimentary Education Webinar ‘Infor OS in action, from an Infor LN perspective’

On demand

Presenters: Eelco Mulder and Jean-Luc Kauffmann 

Have you heard about the new Infor OS User Experience?
Are you wondering what it will mean for you as an Infor LN user?
If so, you will want to attend this webinar. Infor LN product expert, Eelco Mulder, will take you on a tour of the Infor OS User Experience —Infor’s operating service for the future—and explain what it means for you as an Infor LN user today.